Excerpted from a waterproof flyer that slipped over the Rim of the highest Bowl:
“Tumble to this chant, cutters!
Don’t drink the water!
The Fountain is top-shelf, but a single swallow of the native water will turn you aquatic six hours after you drink it. You’ll breathe water and never again air without magical assistance. Prepare for your trip; pick up an Endless Canteen at Skamos’ Place for only 4,200 gold…”
“Drinking the water was the best mistake I ever made.” – Rolen, cleric of Melora

Tourists treat the Fountain as a mixed blessing: there’s powerful magic to be had, but the risk is too much to bear for most people. Those who enter the water contend with a variety of dangers, from hypothermia and crushing pressure to the attacks of dragon eels and water elementals. The bottom of the Bowls holds secrets, rituals not found elsewhere, up for grabs to people courageous enough to risk everything for them.

Underwater Adventures

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